If there are flaws they are in ourselves, and our task therefore must be one not of redesign but of renewal and reaffirmation, especially of the standards in which all of us believe.

– Elliot Richardson


There are times in life when it’s time to search for a change.  Taking steps towards renewal helps us dust off the cob-webs, reflect on where we are and make adjustments to become more aligned with the path we would like to travel.

Over the past year or so I have been through over half a dozen adjustments like this.  I was searching for alignment, but last week discovered I was looking in the wrong place.  When people refer to alignment they sometimes mean finding your place in life where you feel most satisfied.  Even better, perform with less resistance and deliver great value to the world.  To find such a place can take many phases of renewal.

My literal interpretation of alignment was quite rigid.  Simply find something you like doing, try it out and measure that it has some type of alignment.  Understanding points like I’m working in flow, feeling like jumping out of bed each morning to get going, being excited, business is going well, and being full of beans (energy).

But when I tried, I didn’t get these types of feelings.  I was driven for a short while and when a shadow appeared, doubt would fall into place and I became uncertain about my alignment.  I would go off and search elsewhere and try again.  The same cycle has been going for over one year.

In June I travelled to Cancun to a gathering of around 300 brilliant entrepreneurial minds.  You might think that these places would be ripe for business type chatter, swapping of business cards and patting one another on the back.  Well they go a bit deeper than that.  They are brilliant places for renewal, a throng of ideas, shared experience, emotional adjustment, stretching boundaries, challenging inner limits and making good friends.  I’m expecting that being in a place like this will bring massive renewal, inspiration and enhance my alignment.

And of renewal, that point I discovered.  After reading some of Ben Saltzman’s work on Enneagram’s and personality types, I found out I was searching in the wrong place for alignment.  First I needed to be aligned with myself.  I’m going to do some inner work before looking for alignment somewhere else.  For the next three months this is going to be a major part of my renewal.

Have a look at Ben’s work.  You can get his free book here.  I’m curious to know – what things do you do for renewal?  Leave a comment below and let me know what works for you.

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It takes courage to change the world

‘He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.’

– Muhammad Ali


Just yesterday I spent time advising a young entrepreneur on the actions he might take for a position he was pitching for in a new Asia based start up.  He was uncertain about the uncertainty, was working for free and really didn’t know if this was the thing for him.  Well he thought is was (maybe).

There are times where we all need feedback from people who carry more experience than ourselves.  This helps us see what we can’t see of our inner self and to (sometimes) receive some down right open and direct honest truth.

Sometimes that can hurt.

Other times is can be a pleasant surprise.

When we go hunting for recognition our open thought might be ‘well I did a great job on that and I hope they recognise the effort I put in – all those  free extra hours’.  Unfortunately if you are hunting for recognition it is likely you’ll end up on the emotionally hurt side of the fence.

It takes courage to step up and ask direct questions from the leaders who are directing our work pathway. It also takes courage to dig in and work hard and learn masses along the way.  Growth comes through learning and experience and failure, it takes courage to pit yourself against the arduous journey that presents.

So, my friend the entrepreneur got his butt kicked.  He asked for feedback and the truth came flying back at him with a direct directness that although subtle said

You’re dreaming mate, go away and learn some more.  Go and get the right experience

So this is where the young guy stepped up with courage.  He took away the feedback, dissected it, reflected on the reality, agreed with 90% of it and then publicly share his 10 moments of truth where he overestimated his own abilities.

‘I have no regrets. Without this journey I would still overestimate myself. And I got one of the most accurate and valuable feedbacks in my life.

I actually feel relieved. I take a break from “hustling” and prepare myself better, financially, skillingly (is that even a word?) and emotionally.’

That takes courage.  This guy has learned masses in a short time about himself.  He has already stepped forward to take on his next personal growth challenge.  What new step did you take today?

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Unconscious - lady with television for a head

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

– C. J. Jung

Unconscious – Characterized by lack of awareness or intention – British Dictionary

Every day it is worth changing one small thing to rewire your brain.  Some might argue that you should do the same thing, the same way every single day.  It might be walk to work the same way, drive the same motorway, go to the same coffee shop.  What would your day look like if you tried a small difference in your daily routine, something that would prevent you from being unconscious about what you were doing.

Many people walk through their lives unconsciously.  They allow themselves to become programmed to operate at the same frequency – up in the morning, off to work, drink coffee, come home from work, make some food (or buy a microwave version on the way home) and sit in front of the television.


The small variations in routine provide the variety that can spark some type of innovative insight.  They raise awareness and hence the level of consciousness.

  • Imagine if you could become an idea factory every day.
  • Imagine if you could feel more alive and purposeful each day.
  • Imagine if you could operate with less stress and more energy each day.

Try one small thing this evening.  Turn off the TV.  Sit there in front of it for 30 minutes.

Don’t just sit there though.

Make plans for a small change for your next day.

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