Ideas are elusive, slippery things.  Best to keep a pad of paper and a pencil at your bedside, so you can stab them during the night before they get away

– Earl Nightingale



The other day I was looking for just the right type of shoes.  The other ones I really like were having a major blowout and of course I just wanted to find a new pair exactly the same.  So I looked, and looked, and looked.  I tried online, looked at the other stores and even drove for an hour to the best shop I could think of – just to find the shoes.  I stood waiting in the shop for 20 mins while the disorganised staff looked and looked and searched and scratched their heads.

No luck.  I went home.  My new shoes were being elusive.  I was finding it hard to meet with them.

I shared my frustration with a friend.  I couldn’t find the shoes, and the shoe staff couldn’t either.  They made the chance of finding them less likely.  They made the shoes elusive.

Flying the next day, my friend suggested why not try out the airport.  Could the airport have my shoes?

There it was, the same shop I visited in the city.  Smaller, contained, organised, different and not so elusive.  The staff were attentive.  The shoes were there on the shelf.  I left 5 minutes later  knowing they fitted well.

What if the shoes weren’t in the shop?  I might have given up forever.  The shoes would have remained elusive.

Sometimes it’s hard to find things you really want or need.  It takes an element of determination, discussion, research and persistence to get hold of that elusive thing.  If it doesn’t come to you first time, try again.

Be persistent. Ask more questions about elusive things and you might just find what you are looking for.