Golden Beach Karpaz Peninsula

There is more to life than increasing its speed.

~Mohandas K. Gandhi


I just made the most of a long weekend.  Early morning on Friday, I took off to get away from the routine of home and find a great place to leave the week behind.  This journey was a little different though – normally I would take a little work with me, something to do in those spare moments after I’d had my first day to chill out.  I’d left it all behind, the phone, the laptop, the business magazine review and the newspaper.

Total log off.

The first few hours travelling gave time to let go of the daily churn of work thoughts, find an acceptable radio station and just listen and drive.

I arrived at destination relaxo.  Rudimentary beach huts, full scale beach, limited punters and only time to lay around, read, eat and relax.

I’ve been on these trips away many times before, but always looked for the next great thing to do and explore.  This time was set for the total opposite of lift-off.  My time for logging out.  So I slept.

I slept in my beach hut

I slept on the lounger,

I slept on the beach towel,

I slept in the chair,

I slept.

Wow was that good.  To take the real time out and just let go.  Leave the work to the workdays and power up in the sunshine.

Next time you head away try it out – log off, leave the tech at home and take time to relax.