Unconscious - lady with television for a head

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

– C. J. Jung

Unconscious – Characterized by lack of awareness or intention – British Dictionary

Every day it is worth changing one small thing to rewire your brain.  Some might argue that you should do the same thing, the same way every single day.  It might be walk to work the same way, drive the same motorway, go to the same coffee shop.  What would your day look like if you tried a small difference in your daily routine, something that would prevent you from being unconscious about what you were doing.

Many people walk through their lives unconsciously.  They allow themselves to become programmed to operate at the same frequency – up in the morning, off to work, drink coffee, come home from work, make some food (or buy a microwave version on the way home) and sit in front of the television.


The small variations in routine provide the variety that can spark some type of innovative insight.  They raise awareness and hence the level of consciousness.

  • Imagine if you could become an idea factory every day.
  • Imagine if you could feel more alive and purposeful each day.
  • Imagine if you could operate with less stress and more energy each day.

Try one small thing this evening.  Turn off the TV.  Sit there in front of it for 30 minutes.

Don’t just sit there though.

Make plans for a small change for your next day.

Photo Credit : KatB Photography